Project name:

Water Living Lab

 Water Living Lab is a large scale test facility, from which safe, efficient and sustainable solutions within  the distribution of drinking water are innovated, created and demonstrated. The solutions will strengthen danish and international utilities’ abilities to secure clean drinking water, reduce water loss, energy consumption and costs for operating and capital investments along with reducing the effect on climate and environment. 

Main activities include: 

  • the development of a digital twin prototype
  • integrating data via data sharing platform
  • testing innovation concepts for forecasting / warning solutions on selected challenges
  • blueprint for efficient and sustainable solutions

March 2022 – October 2023



Partners & Participants

Aarhus Vand, Aarhus Universitet, Aalborg Universitet, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Kamstrup, Grundfos, Systematic, Danfoss, InnovationLab, AVK, FoodDiagnostics, DHI Danmark, Vandcenter Syd and Water Valley Denmark

Companies, Startups, Researchers, Students and Utilities

Project lead:
Aarhus Vand


Pia Jacobsen
Program Manager

+45 2920 9169

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