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Water Oriented Living Labs

Aligned with the EU co-funded Water4All Partnership and Water Europe’s vision for a Water-Smart Society, the ATLAS of Water-Oriented Living Labs (WOLLs) initiative advances collaboration and innovation in the water sector. As part of Pillar D in Water4All, this effort maps WOLLs in Europe and globally, highlighting their role in tackling water-related challenges.

Water Europe supports WOLLs’ potential to drive sustainable water management. The ATLAS and related documents provide essential resources and guidelines for WOLLs to contribute to securing water for all.

The Network of WOLLs aims to foster global collaboration, uniting diverse stakeholders to co-create platforms for testing technologies, policies, and business models. This effort significantly advances a resilient and sustainable water future.

Embedded in the Water4All Partnership, the ATLAS of WOLLs exemplifies the commitment to water resilience and cross-sectoral collaboration. These strategic initiatives accelerate progress toward a Water-Smart Society, ensuring efficient, sustainable, and equitable water management for all.


June 2024 - May 2026


EU Water4All

Partners & Participants


In the Danish part of WOLL: GEUS, DTU Sustain, Innovationsfonden, CLEAN, WVDK & Miljøstyrelsen


Project lead

Contact: Jesper Borg Christensen

Head of Research & Education

+45 2332 8580

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