Project name:

Water Data Space

The purpose of the Water Data Space project is to create an open data space, enabling the water industry to innovate and streamline based on data.

In collaboration with universities and SME’s the water industry will establish an open data space, that systematically will facilitate the complexity of gathering, structuring and displaying data from multiple data sources. This will enable both established and newcomers to obtain completely new insights and business models

Main activities include:

  • Establishing a strong and efficient collaboration and governance model for the eco system
  • The development of an open digital eco system
  • Critical eco system analysis, disclosure and dissemination of research results

Use cases:

The project has worked on three use cases:

  • The first use case looks into automated reporting and has shown great potential for optimizing the work flow. Read more here (in Danish) and watch the video below
  • Second use case is about detention ponds and how digital technologies help create an online overview of their performance. This overview helps improve the environment in creeks and streams
  • In the third use case the solution collects data from all water-releasing companies, presents it in a visual overview, and makes it easy to filter and search for potential emitters of harmful substances e.g. PFAS.



March 2022 -October 2023



Partners & Participants


Water Valley Denmark, Systematic, Aarhus Vand, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, DHI Danmark, Danmarks Miljøportal


Aarhus Universitet, Aalborg Universitet, DigitalLead, CLEAN, Utilities, Startups, SME’s and Large companies etc.

Project lead

Water Valley Denmark

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