Project name:

Test & Demo facilities


The purpose of the project is to strengthen SME´s innovation by giving access to test- and demonstration facilities. New possibilities for test facilities will be developed and a concept for easier SME access to new and existing test facilities is developed together with project participants – giving unique possibilities for testing and demonstrating new product innovation for startups and SMEs

Main activities:

  • Creating the world’s best environment for SMEs to develop innovative, sustainable, and efficient water technological solutions. The facilities are established as physical or digital full-scale testing in utility areas.
  • Raising awareness about Danish test and demonstration facilities and knowledge sharing on a (inter)national level through the digital platform Water Cycle Denmark (indsæt link).
  • Development of a concept for easy access for startups and SME to new and existing test and demonstration facilitiex

SME´s will be engaged in an full innovation program to identify need, match making and sparring. SME´s will be screened before participating in the program. Please forward an request to to get more information on your possibilities to join.


March 2023 - February 2026



Partners & Participants


Water Valley Denmark, CLEAN, Erhvervshus Midtjylland


Utilities, GTS, startups and SMEs

Project lead

Water Valley Denmark

Contact: Pia Jacobsen

Head of Global Innovation

+45 2920 9169

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