Project name:

Challenge-driven Innovation


In this project SMEs get access to research and innovation processes focusing on current water challenges and green transition that enhance knowledge, business opportunities, and marketing for SMEs within water tech.

The activity builds on experiences from the Lighthouse Water Tech phase 1, which has shown that SMEs need matchmaking and close contact with research institutions, larger companies, and utilities in the development of their sustainable water technological solutions.

Main activities around knowledge and innovation processes for SMEs:

  • National innovation programs at DTU (Technical University of Denmark) and Aarhus University, where researchers are seconded to assist SMEs in developing and testing concepts for new solutions with the inclusion of students. The innovation programs accelerate existing SMEs’ innovation and growth potential.
  • International innovation programs for SMEs based on Water Challenges in collaboration with Water Valley Denmark, CLEAN, Klimatorium, etc. The program aims to increase the innovation capacity of participating startups and SMEs, focusing on bringing them into direct contact with potential Danish and international partners and customers to enhance export opportunities.


March 2023 - February 2026



Partners & Participants


WVDK, CLEAN, DTU, AU University and Erhvervshus Midtjylland


Small and medium-sized enterprises

Project lead

Water Valley Denmark

Contact: Pia Jacobsen

Head of Global Innovation

+45 2920 9169

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