Project name:

Water Valley Wise Work Force – An attractive Danish water sector


The purpose of this project is to initiate a comprehensive approach to ensuring a qualified workforce for the water sector. The project supports this by:

  • Promoting lifelong learning and skills development broadly across SMEs in the water sector
  • Upgrading the skills of SMEs by developing digital capabilities.
  • Increasing water tech SMEs awareness and competencies regarding the green transition in the water sector and the necessary knowledge related to it.
  • Connecting foreign labor for the benefit of Danish SMEs.

Main activities:

  • Sustainable skills enhancement across the water cycle: Prioritized skill development throughout the entire water cycle to strengthen the ability to address significant challenges and translate them into opportunities.
  • Water’s ADC (Ability, Development, Competence): Concrete skill development programs and a new model for skills development to ensure the sector’s digitalization.
  • Concrete measures to enhance “An attractive Danish water industry”. Increase the pool of competent individuals; both those who choose and those who continue to work in the sector.



September 2023 - August 2026



Partners & Participants


Klimatorium, Ferskvandscenteret, Teknologisk Institut, Erhvervshus Midtjylland


Project lead


Contact: Jesper Borg Christensen

Head of Research & Education

+45 2332 8580

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