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Mapping of water technology research in Denmark

The Grundfos Foundation has granted a mapping of the water technology research and research infrastructure in Denmark. 

 The purpose of mapping the water technology research and research infrastructure is to give water-related companies a better overview of research environments and R&D infrastructure aiming to strengthen their innovation work, and thereby strengthening their international competitiveness and exports. 

The mapping analysis will identify international strength positions and improvement opportunities, which give decision-makers a better basis for strengthening the framework conditions for research-based water innovation in Denmark. This includes uncovering in which areas the research and the research infrastructure can be suitably strengthened in the light of the current and future market opportunities, which are immensely linked to the climate and environmental challenges. 

The mapping analysis is based on several elements: 

  • In-depth interviews with research leaders from all relevant research environments, as well as companies and utilities. 
  • A tailored bibliometric analysis of the scope and quality of the research.  
  • Analysis of the development in the governmental research and innovation grants targeting the water technology area. 
  • Analysis of research environments and research infrastructure for innovation collaboration between companies and researchers. 

In the analysis, water technology is limited to the piped water cycle, as well as technologies for stormwater management in cities. 

The results will be compared with some of the strongest research environments in water technology internationally.  

The analysis will also contain a brief comparison of the water technology area in Denmark with one or more relevant areas such as the robotics and/or wind turbine industry. 

The results of the mapping will be presented in a report which will be published in December 2023. 


September 2023 - December 2023


Grundfos Foundation

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Grundfos Foundation


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Water Valley Denmark

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