Workshop: To centralize or decentralize wastewater treatment

What is the right approach?

Join us for a workshop exploring the opportunities and limitations of centralized and decentralized Wastewater treatment. Conventional sewerage planning approach emphasizes centralized wastewater treatment plants, requiring long-distance transport of wastewater for economies of scale and resource recovery. However, this requires extensive infrastructure and maintenance, consuming significant energy and resources, contributing up to 80% of the project cost. In contrast, decentralized treatment systems offer treatment near the source, enabling convenient and cost-effective water reuse, thus enhancing sustainability and resilience. The workshop aims to: Explore challenges and benefits of centralized and decentralized treatment systems from diverse stakeholder perspectives. Discuss Danish case studies comparing centralized and decentralized systems, emphasizing case-specific assessments. Identify tools for holistic decision-making and development needs to enhance sustainable and cost-efficient wastewater infrastructure. Participating in the workshop is a unique opportunity for you to engage in discussions and widen your horizon gaining new perspectives on wastewater treatment from both an Indian & Danish context. Program 09.45 Arrival and network 10.00 Introduction and context setting – overview of current situation within Danish utilities 11.00 Current practices and challenges of wastewater utilities in relation to centralized and decentralized systems – experiences from Denmark & India and group discussion. 12.30 Lunch break 13.15 Do we have the right tools to support decision making? – Group discussion 14.00 Building perspectives for the sustainability transition of wastewater infrastructure – Pannel discussion 15.00 Wrap up & Farewell 15.15 Post seminar: Introduction and demonstration of JalVishwa – An open access decision support tool for appropriate wastewater treatment technology selection in different scenarios. Target groups: Water utilities – primarily wastewater utilities; engineering companies & consultants; urban planners; municipalities & government officials; researchers & academics Contact: Borja Valverde-Pérez, Assoc. Prof., DTU Sustain, Pia Jacobsen, Head of Global Innovation, Water Valley Denmark,


09.45 - 16.00, DTU Lyngby

Contact: Pia Jacobsen

Head of Global Innovation

+45 2920 9169