Workshop II: GHG race to zero - From co-learning to co-creation

Open co-creation with innovation deep dive

Through a number of development projects, we have come a long way in understanding emissions and reduction potentials at wastewater plants. It is urgent to expand the known possibilities to known wastewater plants, but must also urgently proceed with significant development areas that will strengthen knowledge, solution concepts and implementation both in Denmark and on export markets. We have started a Race to Zero process and is gathering relevant actors for the necessary next steps initiatives to reach the goal of climate neutrality in 2030. The first workshop was in November 2023 and here it was recommended to proceed within 3 development areas: · 'PATH TO ZERO' - FLAGSHIP AND DEMO · KNOWLEDGE CENTER HUB · BAT – WATER CLIMATE ADAPTATION We invite to open co-creation, where we go deeper into the areas of innovation to create ideas for possible solutions and inputs for development projects.


Rambøll, 7100 Vejle, 9.30 - 15.00

Contact: Pia Jacobsen

Head of Global Innovation

+45 2920 9169