WATER: Sustainability, resources and local democracy

WATER - a Danish mission

Although Denmark holds a strong tradition of developing and advising on water technology, the sector suffers from a lack of investment in new infrastructure, research and innovation. At the same time, challenges with water supply and water quality have suddenly moved closer to citizens, who are now hearing about groundwater pollution, floods and oxygen depletion in coastal sea areas. Program: Ellen Trane Nørby, deputy mayor, Sønderborg (Left) & deputy head of DANVA (TBC) Oana-Daniela Cristea, landscape architect, Rambøll & Young Water Professionals Lars Holmegaard, director, Lemvig Vand & DANVA's board Susan Mønster, director, Danske Vandværker Moderator: Søren Hvilshøj, Senior Market Director, NIRAS


15 - 17.00, Location TBA