WATER: Health, environment and bio diversity

How to future-proof the Danish water sector and the Danish export of water technology

Challenges with contaminated drinking water, oxygen loss and water consumption in a number of critical sectors have put water on the political agenda. With a series of meetings in the spring of 2024, ATV engages in the debate about how we future-proof the Danish water sector and the Danish export of water technology. Although Denmark has a strong tradition of developing and advising on water technology, the sector suffers from a lack of investment in new infrastructure, research and innovation. At the same time, challenges with water supply and water quality have suddenly moved closer to citizens, who are now hearing about groundwater pollution, floods and oxygen depletion in coastal sea areas. Water has also become a critical issue on the global stage. Here, other countries also experience problems with floods, droughts, water shortages and water wastage. There is thus plenty to do. Still, the Danish water sector is fragmented, and a zero-sum game is being fought for the same resources. It goes beyond innovation, technology development and the underlying research and education system. At this meeting we will examine: 💦 What role water plays in the big challenges with biodiversity 💦 What risks pollutants in drinking water pose to public health 💦 Groundwater parks' importance for clean drinking water for future generations contribution to biodiversity and health 💦 Framework conditions and technologies that must be developed and improved to solve the problems 💦 Motivation of young talents to train and work in the water sector 💦 How different players can help each other to make the Danish water sector stronger


15 - 17.00, GEUS, Øster Voldgade 10, København K / Online