Industrial Circular Water Networking meeting at Arla Foods Ingredients in Videbæk

Water and wastewater recycling in industrial facilities

As a follow up on the conference Industrial Circular Water, January 2024, Water Valley Denmark is arranging networking meetings to foster innovation discussions around different themes. At this first networking meeting Arla Foods Ingredients are co-hosting and offering a tour of their production site. The networking meeting will also look into possibilities on water and wastewater recycling in industries. Lack of regulation and legislation are often highlighted as the top barrier for sustainable water reuse. Danish Technological Institute will provide us with examples on how industries are affected by the new EU wastewater directive. Bring your learnings, experiences and knowledge into play and contribute in pinpointing possibilities of innovation and development to help industries on the journey towards a positive water and carbon footprint. This event is open for members of Water Valley Denmark and SME’s that are part of the Lighthouse WaterTech (Erhvervsfyrtårn for vandteknologi)


Videbæk, 11.00 - 15.00

Contact: Janni Thusgaard

Head of Business Innovation

+45 2974 8006