Workshop and Conference dinner

Workshop Water Living Lab: How to build trusting partnerships and accelerate innovation

In this workshop at Dansk Vand Konference, the ideas behind a stronger innovation environment for the Danish water industry will be presented through the formation of a national Living Lab in The Spring, the new innovation district for water in Aarhus. We will discuss how to create a trusting collaborative culture that increases the level of innovation and minimizes development time. In addition, you will get a short pitch from the work packages and time for good dialogues about opportunities and challenges in a Living Lab. Finally, we would like to hear your inputs on how this Living Lab, as well as potentially new ones can create value for you. The workshop is part of DANVAs annual conference: Dansk Vand Konference. The package includes workshop and dinner for a price of DKK 1.700.00 Workshop & Dinner: Workshop 15.30 - 17.15 Happy Hour 17.15 - 18.30 Dinner 19.00


Dansk Vandkonference, Aarhus, 15.30-21.00

Contact: Pia Jacobsen

Head of Global Innovation

+45 2920 9169